Trackilive® Guardian

A big idea made small and simple with Trackilive’s 2G-GPS/3G-GPS Guardian. Worldwide tracking in real time thanks to the newest tracking technology.

Trackilive® Universal

Monitor-aided real-time tracking with your PC, tablet or smartphone. Equipped with Wifi for precise indoor localisation and with Bluetooth within a range of 3 to 20 metres.

Trackilive® Mini

Continuous contact with your pets thanks to the collar-mounted 2G-GPS-Mini-Tracker. GPS technology in robust, waterproof mini-format makes it ideal in all weather and terrain conditions.

Trackilive® Travel Tracker

The compact GPS tracker for locating pieces of luggage. This device can be quite simply fastened to the outside of the carrying grip or stowed away inside your luggage.

Trackilive® Watch

A tracking device worn around the wrist especially for use with children and elderly or disabled people. The SOS button enables rapid localisation in emergencies or if they lose their way.

Localising pets

Pets are much-loved family members and people like to spend a lot of time and money on them. When cats go roaming or dogs run away, owners soon get worried about their whereabouts and want to know where they are. With the help of Trackilive®, owners always know where their pets are; a virtual fence alarm is set up to notify the owner whenever their dog or cat leaves its pre-set environment.

Preventing the loss of quadrocopters

"They are popular "toys" and great helpers for recording photos and videos from a bird's-eye view. However, due to their relatively small size and weight, quadrocopters can easily get lost, often never to be recovered. In most cases, unfavourable wind conditions and weak batteries are the reasons why these expensive flying machines start drifting and ultimately crash to the ground. With the help of Trackilive® GPS technology, quadrocopters can always be found again, no matter where the wind has taken them. Don’t let it come to a total loss of your expensive quadrocopter - a Trackilive® GPS tracking device is a good investment."

Protecting children and disabled people

Whether you are travelling or at home, the signals transmitted from the GPS device can be localised at any time on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC via an app. With Trackilive®, you always know exactly where your loved ones are. The watch sends alerts when children or adults in need of help leave their pre-set environment or when they press the SOS button themselves.

Localising valuables

Mobile valuables and baggage can and do get lost. Many air travellers have experienced their luggage landing somewhere else. In such cases, it is helpful to be able to ascertain its whereabouts. Trackilive® makes this possible and gives you security. Using an app, the signals from the GPS device can be localised at any time on your smartphone or tablet, or directly on your PC or laptop at home.

Characteristics and benefits


Messages via text, email or app if the location of the GPS tracker changes or if pre-set speed limits are exceeded.

Worldwide localisation

Trackilive™ can be localised via the internet or the free-of-charge app wherever there is mobile reception.

SOS button

Whenever the SOS button is pressed, the actual positioning is immediately displayed in the app and sent by email or text message to the pre-registered addresses or numbers.

Data protection

All tracking information contained in the device is protected by a freely selectable password and is accessible via email.

Cost efficiency

Trackilive™ GPS/GSM trackers are equipped with a SIM card. The first year’s subscription is included in the purchase price, after which annual renewals cost … €. There are no additional costs.

Real-time tracking 365/24

Our GPS-GSM trackers always determine the actual position. The complete tracking history can be displayed for 1 year going forward.